True Blue Climbing Rope by Samson
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True Blue Climbing Rope by Samson
True-Blue climbing rope by Samson is an all polyester climbing rope with high strength, low stretch, excellent abrasion resistance and a long service life. It's got a great feel with good flexibility and knot holding abilities. The single braid construction eliminates the need for milking and stays firm and round in use. True-Blue can also be used for light duty rigging applications. True-Blue braided climbing line is a unique combination of solution dyed blue polyester fiber wrapped over white polyester in a Samson 12-Strand braid. The result is permanent color that won't fade or run, with high visibility in trees, that allows easy detection of cover wear. Available in 120', 150', 200' and 600' lengths.
True Blue
True Blue Climbing Rope by Samson
$155.85 - $663.65